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Premium Bamboo Diaper


Earnest Mom Premium Bamboo Diapers are designed to keep your baby’s sensitive skin dry and protected. The environment is important to us, so we set out to make a  100% biodegradable bamboo sheet. Gentle on the environment and your baby too, our cloth-like, ultra-soft liners provide the maximum comfort for your baby while maintaining baby’s skin dry and soft.










Bamboo fiber (top and back sheet), chlorine-free wood pulp (FSC certified), sodium polyacrylate, polymer spandex, adhesive (seams, joints), velcro frontal tape, pure aloe essence, wetness indicator.

Follow care label instruction. 
Pretreat: Pour onto stained fabric, rub and soak 5 minutes.   
Measure: For medium loads use approximately ½ cap full (0.50 oz / 15ml).
For larger loads approximately 2/3 cap full (0.84 oz / 25ml). Test an inside seam for colorfastness. Use dispenser for HE  washers. For standard washers, pour detergent directly into machine.