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Our Story

Earnest Mom

Eco-friendly products for those who cares.

Gentle, Organic, Safe

We have a lot to worry about. We want to give you one less thing. Earnest Mom’s products were designed to give environmentally-minded consumers an eco-friendly alternative to the wasteful, chemical-laden options on the market. We know you care about your skin and you want to leave a beautiful world for your child to explore, so we ensure all our products are safe for your little one and for you’re the environment.

Formulated with Heart

Earnest Mom was started with one simple mission: to make safe and trusted products for everyone.  After research, we discovered the harmful truth about baby lotions, diapers, detergents, and more.

Babies experience rashes, burns, and other bad reactions to the chemicals and unsafe ingredients of the products we use on them that are meant to protect their skin. Earnest Mom knew that the environment around us is lush with renewable resources that, if formulated properly, could provide a safe alternative for both our babies and our environment.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to benefit moms and babies for happier and healthier lives. Earnest Mom has three tenets: gentle, natural, and safe. Eco-friendly baby products for the moms just like Earnest Mom. Moms who care.